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Snakes Don't Talk - Pete Enns (Season 1, Episode 4)

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

“When the dust clears and in the quiet of your own heart, what kind of God do you believe in, really? And why?” (The Sin of Certainty - CHECK IT OUT HERE). In this episode on the Deconstructing Mamas podcast, Pete Enns, author of that quote and Lizz's dad, candidly shares his own journey of deconstruction and how his own "sin of certainty" played out in his parenting, especially the harm it caused to his children and to himself.

Pete's wisdom as a Bible nerd and scholar, along with his witty humor and down-to-earth explanations (for us normal people) helps us to see that deconstructing is not sexy or trendy, but that it is difficult and completely normal and necessary for growth in our faith and life. Find out what happens when Pete recalls reading the story of Adam and Eve to his then six-year-old and this very wise insight by his son:

"Daddy, snakes don't talk!" What was Pete's response? Listen and and find out!!

SHOW NOTES: Pete Enns, wife to one, dad to Lizz and her two siblings, and completely doting grandpa, tells stories about the messy Bible and what it means to read it with both eyes open to its problems and challenges, and to its promises and possibilities. He is author of several books, and the cohost for "the only God-ordained podcast on the internet," The Bible for Normal People and in his spare time, a Biblical Studies professor at Eastern University. According to Wikipedia (WOW! He has arrived!), Peter Eric Enns is an American Biblical scholar and theologian. He has written widely on hermeneutics, Christianity and science, historicity of the Bible, and Old Testament interpretation. Website: Facebook: Pete Enns

Instagram: @peteenns Twitter: @peteenns


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