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Embarking on a new chapter as your child heads off to college can be both exhilarating and challenging.


"Roots & Wings" is your companion through this emotional journey, offering 50 daily inspirations crafted to support and uplift you.


Inside, you'll discover:


Heartfelt Reflections: thoughtful insights that resonate with the unique experiences of moms during this transitional phase.


Empowering Affirmations: words of encouragement to boost your confidence and help you embrace this new stage of life.


Practical Advice: tips and strategies to navigate the ins and outs of the college years while nurturing your own well-being.


Mom-to-Mom Wisdom: shared stories and wisdom from another mother who has already traveled this path.


Let this book be a source of comfort, inspiration, and strength as you adjust to your new normal, find joy in new opportunities, and maintain a loving connection with your college-bound child.


Each day, turn to "Roots & Wings" for a dose of positivity and reassurance, knowing that you are not alone on this journey.

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Esther Joy Goetz:

I am a potato chip-eating, NFL-lover mom to four grownish and flownish kids and creator of Moms of Bigs.


My passion is to bring help, humor and hope to other moms who are working their you-know-what's off to give their big kids the roots of unconditional love and the wings of freedom to be completely themselves, the hardest and holiest journey I've ever been on.

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