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Love Matters More - Jared Byas (Season 1, Episode 11)

"You can't love and control at the same time."

In this episode on the Deconstructing Mamas podcast, Jared Byas, author of that quote, cohost on the Bible for Normal People podcast and author of Love Matters More, not only tells us what brought him to the place of deconstructing and reconstructing his faith, but speaks about the impact it has had on his parenting. There are so mic drops moments where Jared unpacks what it really means to love well and why we cannot love and control people (and especially our kids) at the same time and how our view of God plays into perhaps why we may have fallen into this trap in the first place. SHOW NOTES: Jared is a husband to Sarah and a father of four kids. He's a serial question-asker and ideas explorer. His favorite phrases are “Ok. But why?” and “Is there another way?”

His passion is to explore new ways of being Christian and help people translate all of life’s big questions into a life full of meaning and connection.

Some of the topics he finds himself drifting to most are:

  • What does it mean to live life well?

  • How might we open new ways of living for people?

  • How might Christianity help us create meaning in our lives today?

  • What is the Bible and what do we do with it?

This podcast will perhaps give some of the answers to those questions and then some. It's a must-listen if you find yourself in a place where you are trying to love well in the middle of deconstructing and reconstructing your faith. Facebook: Jared Byas

Instagram: @jaredbyas


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