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The Dolly Mama

A teary cry, a belly laugh, a heart-felt sigh or a Spirit-filled burst of wisdom and hope.

Serious. Silly. Sappy. Spiritual.

If you are want to explore or re-explore your faith, have questions about it,  are disillusioned with what you've been taught all your life, or are in a place of rethinking and/or rebuilding your faith, the Dolly Mama is the place for you. There is no doubt too scary and no question off-limits. There is only grace for where you are now and space who you are becoming, hopefully more and more you.

It's hard out there in the big wide world and often in our own hearts and homes.  It's also incredibly holy.  If your soul needs a long, deep breath and your hope yearns to be restored, I welcome you to receive these gifts right here at the Dolly Mama.

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If you are in the
process of rethinking and
rebuilding your faith,

this Facebook group is

for you!

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A Bigger Faith

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A four week devotional
coming again at the
end of 2022!

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