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Trust Myself - Sarah Meassick (Season 1, Episode 10)

"I sink beneath the swirling surf of words, fears, expectations, conditioning, and advice—and feel for the Knowing." (Glennon Doyle)

In this episode on the Deconstructing Mamas podcast, Sarah Meassick, daughter of podcast host, Esther Joy Goetz, takes us deep into her childhood journey of fear, anxiety and the desire to be the "good girl" and how this manifested in full-blown OCD at a very young age, reinforced and perpetuated by the rigid faith system she grew up with (which many of us can relate to).

Sarah and Esther walk through their mutual story of deconstruction, redemption and the freedom they have found in allowing themselves and each other the safety to be their authentic selves. Sarah is tender and brilliant, a combination that will have you sobbing into your tissues and cheering at the same time.

SHOW NOTES: Sarah is a wife to one and a mom to one and a teacher to lots of second graders. She is an avid gardener (somewhat crunchy), a yoga-lover, outdoor enthusiast and her heart comes alive as she creates safe spaces for her and all her people to learn and grow and come into their own personal fullness. You will want to be her best friend (or have her as your second grade teacher) by the end of the episode (or even before that). Find out how in the world it came to be that one of her best friends and her mom came to produce this Deconstructing Mamas podcast. It's quite the origin story and will have you saying, "Whaaa?" Facebook: Sarah Meassick

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Glennon Doyle Pete Enns

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