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If you need room for your soul to breathe just a little bit deeper and freer, these daily reflections are for you.


A life-long yearning for all things spiritual and also my venture into a more curious faith journey filled with all that makes each one of us a combination of dirt and divinity, humanity and holiness, have given me the passion to create these holistic

and platitude-free daily meditations.


There will be a series of four, based on the seasons of the calendar: winter, spring, summer and autumn.


This three month daily journey through December, January and February will have you crying, laughing, exploring your soul and hopefully not feeling so alone.

December walks through the waiting season of Advent, the merriment and melancholy of Christmas, and the liminal space between Christmas and New Years.


January traverses the hope and trepidation of the unknown splayed out in front of us and the very important space of embracing our true and beautiful selves.

February explores the end of winter, loving well, the complexity of being human and the beginning of the period of reflection called Lent.

If you find yourself needing a little something every day that will bring you hope and help you to feel not alone on this human and holy journey we are walking together, this is for you!


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This three month daily journey through June, July and August will be just what you need to move away from the rhythm of the active and blooming time of spring into the more settled and restful time of summer.

June begins with a "Letter From Love," holds space for the nuances of the spiritual life and ends with the idea that one simple act of love can heal the world.

July dives into themes of fun and freedom, fear and faith, "fighting for" and friendship.

August rounds out the summer with meditations about kingdom-living, kindness and the kaleiscope of what it means to be a spiritual human being.

I count it a privilege to walk along side of you on this journey called life.


This three month daily journey through March, April, and May will be just what you need to move away from the rhythm of the tuck-in time of winter into the more active and blooming time of spring.

March follows along with Lent and takes a stab at "imaginative tellings" of several Bible stories and parables. March ends with meditations on Holy Week and culminates on Easter Morning.

April moves into Spring and new life and holding space for curiosity and play and frustration and loss and doubt and mostly all that it means to be human in a beautiful, terrible world.

May might be some of the best meditations I've ever written, addressing soul care and spiritual practices and hope for the summer, all ending with the ordinariness of our one precious life.

Wit Wisdom and Whimsy: Spring is here and I'm so grateful and I love her and I can't wait to share her with you!


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