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What We All Fear

What we all fear?


What we all do at times?


I walked into the grocery store for the first time today since our mask mandate was removed.

It was about half.

Half-masked people. Half-unmasked people.

I had my mask crumpled in my pocket.

I was torn. What to do? What to do?

If I put on my mask, will people JUDGE me for being…

afraid? political? unvaccinated?

If I don’t, will people JUDGE me for being…

inconsiderate? political? vaccinated?

I felt so strange, wandering around the store.

Wondering what others were thinking. Upset that I was wondering what others were thinking.

Frustrated that in our world that is filled with so much

heartache suffering loneliness confusion and

(if we are really really honest)


that we wouldn’t meet each other with what’s needed by every single one of us:

compassion kindness connection

grace and

(if we are really really honest)


Because if you are anything like me, you know that the only thing that drives out all this fear (your fear and my fear) is the best four-letter word of all…


And I’d much rather live in a world where fear is gone and love wins.

It will be better for you. And for me.

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