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Three Life-Changing Words

This season of our marriage has been down-right hard. The stress of half-empty-nesting, the pandemic and job insecurity is taking its toll.

Bottom line: we are somewhat depleted and, imagine this, taking it out on each other many days.

Several years ago during another difficult stretch in our marriage, my. husband spoke these words to me and I keep thinking about them over and over during this crazy time (especially when I'm cranky, have had it and just want to be by myself):


The wisest of words.

When we hold them out in front of us, our hearts and bodies collectively sigh together, giving room once again for the beauty found in them, in ourselves and in each other.

These three simple, but life-changing words:

*allow grace to cascade over us like a waterfall in the middle of a marriage drought

*bring mercy to the unhealed selves that keep banging into each other

*remind shame (in no uncertain terms) to “GET OUT of our house and our lives and our marriage!”

*spark forgiveness as we stop demonizing and begin humanizing each other

*usher discovery, newness and life into what seems unchanging, decrepit and even dead

*grant bravery to our fearful parts, allowing for a life-long journey of change, growth and healing

*energize our hearts to experience freedom from the past and anticipation for the future

*breathe desperately-needed and longed for HOPE to the deepest parts of these two souls and bodies, uniting us again and again in ways previously unknown

I need them today. And every day.

Not just for marriage, but for all of life.

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