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Mrs. Claus and Covid

This is me in all my weird glory yesterday morning.

Fighting for what I love to do. Love on people in person.

Fighting for who I love to be with (safely). Those who have walked with me in 2020.

Fighting for how I love to just be a little bit fun and games! Can't keep me down. I am a little bit of a cheetah on the inside.

Notice the Mrs. Claus outfit I wore at my daughter's Victorian Christmas Tea about a bajillion years ago.

Notice the socially-distanced garage brunch fresh with mimosas, masks, and garage mayhem.

Notice the Steelers hat. I just had to. 11 and 1 baby.

Notice the festive, strewn-haphazardly lights reminding us that LIGHT shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it.



P.S. I am so smiling under that mask!

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