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Once upon a time, there was a mom who planned a super special girls' trip for her daughter's big birthday!

She carefully picked a place to stay. Right on the beach.

She saved and saved her money. So her girls didn't have to.

She got all her work done ahead of time. In order to be present.

The night came when two of them hopped aboard a jumbo jet and flew almost 3,000 miles in the dark, bodies nervously excited to see the third, daughter to one and sister to the other.

When all three were united, hugs were given and held for a really long time.

The mom even said weird things like "Can I smell you?" and "Sorry I keep staring."

Over the three longish/shortish days, there was not enough "pinching" of themselves to even touch what was going on.

Long bike rides right along the coast, dazzling beauty with every pedal.

Fruity drinks beside pools and in hot tubs, topped off with orange towels and sun-kissed noses.

Fancy meals at fancy restaurants by warm firesides and with sunset views.




One morning, the mom came out of the lovely, hot, rainfall shower and happened upon a scene in front of her.

It was one daughter curling the other's hair.

She stood there, heart in throat and eyes holding back tears.

Her girls were laughing and chatting up a storm.

Her girls were sharing memories and making new ones.

Her girls were just being sisters in the middle of a messy room.

All the sunsets and bike rides and fruity drinks faded into the background in that one precious moment.



AND somehow still monumental.

Because what mattered to her the most was happening right in front of her.

Her two girls on a messy, unmade hotel room bed, loving each other well.

The view could not have been better.

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