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Happy "21" Rachie Bug!

This girl of mine gave up a VARSITY lacrosse spot to go to church on Sunday mornings at 6 am to work in the sound booth when she was only 15.

This girl of mine did NOT go to a typical four-year college like all of her friends. Instead, she got her Bachelor of Science in 21 months at a specialized school for recording arts.

This girl of mine moved all the way across the country at 19 years old into her own apartment to PURSUE WHAT SETS HER SOUL ON FIRE...the love of creating high-quality sound.

This girl of mine is now the dialogue editor of a major TV network show, but more importantly, and just recently, she is pursing how to do this in the not-for-profit space, to get the voices of healing and justice heard (and heard in high-quality sound).

This girl of mine has taught me not to follow every one else, but to follow my own heart, to follow the path that is only mine to take, to take the risk and jump into unknown waters.

Happy Birthday, Rachie Bug! How can you be 21?

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