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Dear Daughters,

Dear Daughters,

Spending this past week with you two beautiful women was the highlight of my 2020 so far. (I know that's not saying much, but bear with me...winky face!)

I couldn't ask for better daughters than you. I actually couldn't ask for better people in my life than you.

You are all that I hoped you would be and so much more than I could have ever imagined. You breathe beauty and hope and strength and faith and life into me.

You have done for this ONE mama what I long to do for everyone. You have shown me that all it takes is ONE breath of GOODNESS at a time to infuse LIFE into another.

You breathe BEAUTY (not just the outward kind even though sometimes just glancing at you catches me off guard and I am dumbstruck). You each see the world through eyes that find the small things glorious, like the sand between your toes or rainbow-sprinkled ice cream on your tongue. You spend your days creating what's lovely for my hungry eyes and ears. THANK YOU!

You breathe HOPE. Your zeal for making the world a place where there is "liberty and justice for ALL" (and that really means ALL) makes this mama heart do a happy dance. You adamantly believe that it starts with you and you are more than willing to figure out how to make it happen so that it ripples out into this broken and hurting world. WOW!

You breathe STRENGTH. Watching the two of you discuss really hard things from political reform to gender roles to spirituality to personal responsibility made me wish I could grow up in the beautiful world you envision. You do NOT shy away or disengage, but listen intently and respond with bold conviction. You are strong, my daughters and I am so PROUD.

You breathe FAITH. In a world where many of us (your mama included at times) seems to have lost its way, you continue to believe and trust. You believe and trust your ever-evolving selves (woohoo). You continue to see the best in others and take joy in loving them right where they are, walking alongside of them in humility and grace. The two of you have an unwavering anchor for your souls in the good God that is at the root of all that's right and true and wonderful. My socks are officially KNOCKED off!

You breathe LIFE. Life in the form of a good morning hug and quick "I love you." Life in the form of washing the dishes and saying "Take a break, Mom." Life in the form of abundant grace given when I falter and even fail. Life in the form of laughter over game-playing competitiveness. Life in the form of your sweaty yoga duet on the deck. Life in the form of heart-to-heart discussions about our individual and collective fears, hopes and dreams. Soul-filling LIFE.

So dearest ones, my beautiful girls, two of my closest friends, I salute you. I believe in you. I trust you. I am thankful for you from the tippy-top of my noggin' to the very ends of my toes to the deepest space in my heart. I stand in awe of you.

But mostly and always, I LOVE YOU.

Your ONE Dolly Mama

P.S. I am now over here in the most beautiful and sacred puddle of good tears. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

P.P.S. You are rocking my ONE world, your world, THE world. You go my girls!!

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