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Thankful Thursday (Season 1, Episode 3)

The best things in life are meant to be shared. (Unknown)

Take a minute and think of the times when you have been super thankful for something, but have not sent that thank you note or spoken words of thanks. Now think of the times when you have spent a moment penning words of thanks either in a text, a card, or an email or said thanks via a phone call or face-to-face. In both cases, you were thankful. This begs the question: does sharing your thankfulness matter?

I would say YES. YES. YES. Sharing our thanks with someone opens the door for more relationship. It provides connection in a world of disconnection. It speaks love and kindness into someone’s world where these might be lacking. It is always a good and right decision, something elusive in an ever-changing and complicated world.

This is one BIG reason why I am committed to Thankful Thursday. It shouts beauty to a world bombarded with the ugly. It multiplies thanks in my own heart, gently reminding me to look at the past week and even to the present moment, and hopefully nudging you to do the same. It is one of those sure-fire, good things in my life. And it is simple, super simple (with all of the formulas out there for changing my crazy life for the better, this one doesn’t require a book to be written or a class to be taken).

Today, I am challenging you to join me in this quest. The design of Thankful Thursday isn’t only for me to shout beauty and goodness, but for you to shout along with me. Together, our shared voice may just change the world (I know it will change mine), one little thanks at a time! (This is the part where I blatantly ask you to comment below, send me an email, text, or do whatever you need to do to let me know what you are thankful for!)

Here is just a glimpse into the never-ending journey of gifts that I have received in the past few weeks:

  • An invitation to share one of my blog posts on August 30 on a devotional website (super excited)

  • Two lunches with two of my bridesmaids from 26+ years ago in a matter of two days. The gift of life-long friendships with these two (shout out to Kris and Joanne…we have been through some and back again…I love you guys)!

  • The sale (finally…sigh of relief) of Rachel’s 1971 Chevy C-10 pick up truck (This has been a mild source of stress for me…okay, a huge source of stress for me…I may have to write a future parenting blog post about letting your children make their own decisions even if it’s super hard and seems crazy and it ends up exactly how you feared.)

  • Josh’s good report at the doctor about his very unique and rare knee condition…three surgeries and four years later! He can finally run, jump and play! He said (with a little glint in his eye) that he still has an excuse if he doesn’t want to do something (like heavy yard work), but he has the clear to do the things he wants to do (like playing beach volley ball). #osteocondritisdessicansstagefour #pleasegodletthisbeover

  • Air conditioning. Enough said. It’s hot and humid out there.

  • The never-gets-old sunset on Saturday night from our roof deck in beautiful Long Beach Island.

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