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Sometimes grace for yourself looks like...

  1. eating a guilt-free chocolate chip cookie

  2. taking a nap right in the middle of a to-do list

  3. skipping church and talking to God on your walk in the woods

  4. sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee, staring into space

  5. letting your kids have an extra hour of screen time

  6. breathing in and breathing out very slowly for ten minutes

  7. not checking your email for a whole entire day

  8. making a "why I like myself and God does too" list

  9. getting take-out

  10. letting the tears flow in the shower until there are no more

  11. forgiving and embracing the earlier version of you

  12. skipping your workout

  13. making your very own choice, even if it's different than everyone else's

  14. asking for help with the dishes

  15. taking a break from your own very responsible brain

  16. reading a "not-trying-to-fix-you" book

  17. making much-needed space for alone time

  18. NOT making the bed

  19. laughing OUT LOUD at a silly video or a bad joke

  20. sleeping in late and staying up late (basically re-becoming a teenager)

  21. allowing yourself to have completely opposing feelings at the same time

  22. playing anything, just playing (did I mention playing?)GRACE is free. GRACE is beautiful. GRACE is life. GRACE is enough.

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