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Kindness Shows Up in a Firetruck

KINDNESS shows up in a firetruck.

Lights flash. Roto-Ray spins.

KINDNESS squeezes red engine into cozy firehouse space.

Obsessed toddler waits, wonders.

KINDNESS steps out of large hook and ladder.

Puddle-jumping little boy watches his every move.

"Where you been lately, my little friend?" KINDNESS asks.

Normally chatty two-year-old falls reverently silent.

KINDNESS speaks words that change the world. "Want to take a ride?"

Blue eyes sparkle, pint-size feet race, Mommy scoops, seatbelts clasp.

KINDNESS turns key and motor roars to life.

Lights flash again. Sirens scream. Tot revels. Mema savors.

Driven by KINDNESS, "Big Red" circles block, little tyke stunned.

Papa waves, beholding rescue vehicle-infatuated grandson's enraptured face.

KINDNESS does what KINDNESS does best: makes a little someone's world better by ONE simple act.

Loose-lipped toddler scampers home to tell Daddy all about it.

KINDNESS shows up in a firetruck.

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