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Restoring Hope
Your Heart Meets
Your Home.

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I was born and grew up a missionary kid in war-torn Ethiopia.  I now live in rural New Jersey (yes, there's such a thing) in a house surrounded by perennial gardens where you will find me digging in the dirt or basking in the glory of it all.

When I'm not on a date with my husband of 30 years, I'm writing, watching crime shows, figuring out the cures for all the world's problems with a friend, or being a mom to four grownish kids and one adorable preschool grandson.  Plus, I LOVE ICE CREAM!

I have a fierce passion to restore hope for the sacred space where our hearts and our homes meet. This includes faith, marriage and motherhood.


My husband wrote this haiku for me and it's who and what I hope to be and share with you:

Alive to passion.

Inside beautiful outside.

To Christ she is true.

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The Dolly Mama

The Dolly Mama Logo.png

A teary cry, a belly laugh, a heart-felt sigh or a Spirit-filled burst of wisdom and hope.  Serious. Silly. Sappy. Spiritual.

If you want to explore or re-explore your faith, have questions about it,  are disillusioned with what you've been taught all your life, or are in a place of rethinking and/or rebuilding your faith, the Dolly Mama is the place for you. There is no doubt too scary and no question off-limits. There is only GRACE for who you are now and SPACE for who you are becoming, hopefully more and more you.

It's hard out there in the big wide world and often in our own hearts and homes.  It's also incredibly holy.  If your soul needs a long, deep breath and your hope yearns to be restored, I welcome you to receive these gifts right here at the Dolly Mama.

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Moms of Bigs

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Giving our BIG KIDS (teens and young adults) the roots of love and the wings of freedom to be completely themselves.  Help. Humor. Hope.

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2 Have & 2 Hold

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Are you engaged?  Ready to walk to aisle?
Do you want pre-marriage mentoring with a couple who has been married over 30 years and hopes for another 30 more?  Who have more than 15 years of experience mentoring young couples? That's full of help  for a marriage to thrive and last a lifetime?
Do you need an officiant that will help you create a day that's personalized just for the two of you?
If your answers to one or both of these questions is yes, we have what you're looking for.

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