Relax, Mom! (how the heck can I?)

“Relax, Mom.” My LEAST favorite phrase that graces the mouths of my kids. It usually comes when I am in a tizzy, overcome with fear about something that’s out of my control. “Mom, can I go to this party (far away with people you don’t know)?” “Mom, I just rear-ended someone.” “Mom, I have this weird rash.” “Relax, Mom.” In the middle of all the fret and freak out, it’s the last thing I want to hear. Instead, I totally want to hang on to my anxiety and use it to gain control over whatever is in front of me. I’m not a big “throw a Bible verse out there and hope it sticks somewhere somehow.” But there’s this one that turned this whole “relax” nonsense on its lovely head. It’s simple and not simple at the same time. “Cast all your anxieties on Him…” “Cast” means to “fling something with great force” and it indicates “onto the back of some beast of burden.” My precious body is not designed to carry the weight of fret and freak out. My aching back and my clenched jaw are proof. BUT my days are still filled with hard stuff that is just too much for me (and my fragile central nervous system). What am I, the fret-and-freak-out mom, to do? I’m not good with “relax,” but I am really good with “fling” whatever whenever onto God’s “shoulders.” Sounds perfect to me. Good riddance. But why should I, the fret-and-freak-out mom, do this? Plain and simple answer. One I can get on board with. …BECAUSE He cares for you.” (I Peter 5:7) This word “care” implies “deep affection” and “meticulous attention.” God’s not only highly aware and taking notice, but has utter tenderness for me and the heavy loads I am carrying. It’s a good thing God doesn’t say “relax” to me like my kids do. That would probably just amp me up even more. Instead, He’s so gently reminds me, “Take whatever load you’ve got on your back and fling it with all your might onto mine. I will carry it for you. You know why? Because I care deeply for you.” EXHALE. Maybe I can “relax” a little bit after all.

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