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Not My Favorite Tree

It was not my favorite tree by a long shot.

It was tall and skinny and not very full.

But we cut it down and put it on top of our car.

The hope, as usual, would be that the lights and ornaments would help us to like it.

We got home, and it was too tall for our family room. UGH.

We had to cut the bottom off for it to fit.


But the One who made the tree had put a beautiful Christmas message just for us.

One we would have missed if it was the "prettiest tree" on the farm. One we would have missed if it was the right size for our family room.

One that shows up in the most unlikely of places.

Like a baby born in a barn to an unwed mom and the guy who stuck by her side.

The message of LOVE.

Love is everywhere, my friends. Everywhere.

In the most unlikely of places.

Even at the bottom of the trunk of a Christmas tree.

It is now my favorite tree we've ever had.

I'm going to keep a part of it forever.

Merry Christmas, my friends. Keep looking for love in the unlikely places!

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