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KFC Here We Come

I just finished officiating a wedding over Zoom.

It was a second-chance wedding.

One that spoke to redemption and hope. One that said, "it's never too late." One that reminded me that LOVE ALWAYS WINS in the end.

Since we were all gussied up for the event, I turned on Spotify's LOVE playlist and my husband and I danced in our family room. I just cried.

How could I have loved this man for 32 years already? And still be so in LOVE?

It's baffling and beautiful at the same time.

We are now back to doing crossword puzzles and reading the Sunday paper by our fire. We still have the LOVE songs playing in the background, glancing at each other when we feel it. We are also stealing a few kisses here and there.

We are still gussied up.

We may leave in a little while to get Kentucky Fried Chicken for our dinner and continue our long-standing tradition of family indoor picnics, complete with LOVE plates and stickers (see the little one in the background in the picture?!?!).

Plus, we might stop and get ice cream at our favorite dairy farm on this freezing day in February!

How could we not?

Don't worry. I'll light some candles, get the cute red napkins, and maybe we will dance again after we've licked our greasy fingers!!

This is really what long-standing LOVE looks like!

Crossword puzzles. Zoom weddings. Kentucky Fried Chicken indoor Valentine's picnics. Love stickers. Greasy fingers. Stolen kisses. Dances alone in the family room.

Okay. Now I'm tearing up again. With gratitude. With hope.

I do love this man of mine.

KFC, here we come.

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