I'm Obsessed

Start with listening to myself.

The me who calls out, "It could have been you."

The me who reminds, "You've come a long way!"

The me who whispers, "I forgive you."

Forgive myself.

For all the ways I've contributed to the destruction.

For all the vengeance I now want to mete out on the "system."

For all the times I haven't loved myself well in the middle of it.

Because as I forgive myself and receive that forgiveness, grace washes in like a wave.

It brings mercy to my continuing-to-heal self.

It gives freedom from the past and anticipation for the future.

It breathes longed-for hope to me.Grace. I'm still obsessed. How could I not be?I'm still mad. I'm allowed to be.But I'm still going to keep reaching for grace. Or better yet, the Giver of it is going to keep reaching for me. . . . . If you are curious, the name of the podcast is "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill."  Click HERE to listen to it.

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